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Introducing Our Signature Blend: Umugani Espresso Blend

Posted by Stori Coffee on
Our Umugani Blend is a velvety, espresso roast, blend of natural and washed coffee, produced by the women of the Hingakawa Coop in Rwanda. The Umugani Blend comes from the Western Province, Gakenke District, Rushashi Sector at 1°43'40.2""S, 29°51'24.0""E at elevation 1700-1900. These Bourbon, Arabica varietals are grown in volcanic soil.

How Roast Impacts the Flavor of Coffee

Posted by Stori Coffee on
The flavors of the coffee have already been sealed in at origin, as the producers tend, harvest, and process the coffee beans. Roasters now have the task to unlock and reveal flavor, taking the compounds that have been sealed in at origin, and applying their craft with just the right heat, time and finesse.