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The Hingakawa Women's Co-op


The restoration of Rwanda started with women all over the country. From the halls of policy makers, to the beaten paths of coffee’s dwelling, a revival was set ablaze. The 18 Women of Hingakawa all have a story that describes their dark past, but they have rejected a singular definition of their identity.


The story of Rwanda’s recovery today is one for the history books. If you look closely, you will find that it is due in part to the courageous acts of women all over the country including the brave 18. A courage that was driven by the power of their identity, rather than the torment of their circumstances. 


Stori Coffee will work with a globally recognized traceability platform, making a digital journey of the coffee supply chain, connecting farmers, producers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers, and sharing their stories, like the story of the women from the Hingakawa Co-op. 


Our coffee helps people experience connection. Whether we share a cup of coffee with a friend or learn about the individuals who grow, process and sell coffee, we believe stories have the power to connect us. What’s your story?