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Introducing Our 2021 Rwanda Hingakawa Single Origin Coffee

Posted by Stori Coffee on
Introducing Our 2021 Rwanda Hingakawa Single Origin Coffee

Why Launch a New Coffee? 

In last weeks post, we talked about the Day of Remembrance, or Kwibuka, a notable day that sparked the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. For the rest of the month of April, it is a time for people to openly speak, diligently listen, and fervently remember those they lost.

Amongst thousands of stories, the women of the Hingakawa Co-op, have played a huge role in stitching back together the hearts and minds of a once torn society. Using coffee as the silent listener at every gathering and conversation, they have made it the centerpiece of coming together to unify as one. The authentic infusion of PeopleXCoffee has played a huge role in not just its economic benefits, but the social capital it generates! Similar to the consuming nations, where it is natural to say, “Let’s get together for coffee,” is a moment to connect, share stories, discuss a business, resolve a dispute, and even propose a marriage engagement to share the most intimate times of life together.

The women who founded the Hingakawa Cooperative are a collection of women who courageously came together from opposite ethnic groups. And because of this, growing coffee became a therapeutic and healing way of life. They would meet for coffee, but not in the customary social habits most meet to consume the coffee, but rather to grow it, harvest it, process it, sort it, and sell its bounty all together. The mill where all these activities took place became the epicenter where seeds of hope were planted for the future generation to live in a peaceful and recovering Rwanda!

We are releasing a new coffee this month to pay homage to that product that brings us together to connect and bond. We have so much to learn from the courage that comes from the most unlikely of places. In a time where the entire world is being simultaneously engulfed by biological and social pandemics, this month of remembrance in Rwanda is reminding us of the value in our inability to connect. 

About this Coffee

Our Rwanda Hingakawa Women's Cooperative Coffee is a sublime, medium roast, single origin, washed coffee, produced by the women of the Hingakawa Co-op in Rwanda. As you sip this coffee take a moment to notice notes of pomegranate, orange blossom, and white chocolate that have been preserved from origin, and craftily unlocked at roast. This coffee comes from the Western Province, Gakenke District, Rushashi Sector at 1°43'40.2""S, 29°51'24.0""E at elevation 1700-1900. These Bourbon, Arabica varietals are grown in volcanic soil.

Rwanda Hingakawa

How should I brew this coffee?

When it comes to brewing your coffee at home, there are a number of ways you may choose to brew your coffee. These are often dependent on the tools available to you, and your personal preference.

Regardless of the choice of brewing equipment you may have, there are four key fundamental elements that ultimately impact flavor. These four elements are freshness, grind, proportions, and water. Adjusting each of these can assist in extracting your optimum flavor, time and time again. 

Stori Coffee Lemon Pound Cake

How to Pair this Coffee

If you’ve never paired your coffee before, you’re missing out on a treat! Being intentional about the food you eat with your coffee can open up a whole new world of flavors. Learn more about why pairing is important here. We’d suggest pairing our Rwanda Hingakawa Single Origin Coffee

  • Lemon Pound Cake
  • Banana Loaf Cake
  • Coffee Cake

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