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Quality coffee is ethically sourced
and specialty roasted

Connecting people to every product we source, gives everyone the full story and cost of each cup.

95% of coffee farmers live below the poverty line.

The family farmers who supply 80% of specialty coffee are trapped in cycles of poverty.

These 28 million farmers work small micro plots the size of a 10 X 10 bedroom, all live on under $1 a day. Using technology to connect a person to every product we source, we can ensure payment and social equity.

Being paid in full and on time allows farmers to improve the quality of their coffee & lives.

Equity and quality verification

Global transformation through connection

Stories are the foundation for change. By connectibng product labels with faces, people can connect through stories.

We work with a globally recognized traceability platform, making a digital journey of the coffee supply chain, providing real time data and content for verification.

Traceability ensures farmer equity and coffee quality by connecting them to the global economic grid.

Sourcing strategy

A whole lot of coffee

Our farmer centered sourcing strategy connects people to each product we source. This ensures verifiable coffee quality and farmer equity at each step of the supply chain.

Our diverse set of products use the whole lot of coffee from every farm we buy from. This reduces waste, increases farm yeilds and builds lasting relationships.

Roasting approach

The best of each bean

Coffee has over 850 aromatic and flavor compounds compared to about 200 in wine. To bring out the best in each bean we take two unquie roasting approaches.

Our single origin roasts highlight the unquie flavors from the region allowing people to experience the best from each origin . While our blends are roasted for taste, giving people consistant flavors.

Quality coffee starts at the source

For 20 years we’ve built relationships and supply chain networks. Our farmer centered sourcing strategy connects people to each product we source. This ensures verifiable coffee quality and farmer equity at each step of the supply chain.

As a native Rwandan with decades of experience in coffee & global business and now with advancements in supply chain technology we are able to put a meaningful dent in systemic poverty.

Will you join us?

Arthur Karuletwa

“I am motivated by my passion in all things coffee. But I am sustained by the woman to the right and to the left of me”

- Agnes Mukamushinja

Meet your farmer


Agnes is the big heart behind Nova's success. She is the anchor of their coffee quality and the source of care and support that radiates to all the people from Nova Coffee Washing Station.

Anges is one of the many angels sent down to heal Rwanda after the genocide in 1994.

What she has achieved since then is truly amazing and very inspirational.

Agnes Mukamushinja and Arthur Karuletwa at Nova Coffee in Rwanda
This picture shows an image of the front of our Umugani Espresso Roast. The bag is white with a black thumb print to symbolize our global connection.


This 5oz commemorative award winning coffee comes in a special edition custom wooden box that is about 4x6 inches with an etched design.

All the proceeds from this limited edition will go back to Nova Coffee in Rwanda to support the incredible work that Agnes has spearheaded towards a brighter future.

Sold out

Coffee is a powerful economic and social source for good.

We are excited to share a great coffee and even better stories.