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Introducing our Hingakawa Rwanda Single Origin Cold Brew

Posted by Rachelle Cummings on
Introducing our Hingakawa Rwanda Single Origin Cold Brew

Pre-order today, ships mid July

We're really excited to be launching our Stori Coffee Cold Brew coffee this summer! You can pre-order today, coffee ships early July! 

About This Coffee 

Our Rwanda Hingakawa Women's Cooperative Coffee is a sublime, medium roast. It is a fully washed coffee produced by the women of the Hingakawa Co-op in Rwanda. As you sip this coffee take a moment to notice notes of pomegranate, orange blossom, and white chocolate that have been preserved from origin. This coffee comes from the Western Province, Gakenke District, Rushashi Sector at 1°43'40.2""S, 29°51'24.0""E at elevation 1700-1900. These Bourbon, Arabica varietals are grown in volcanic soil.

Snapchill Technology 

Our Rwanda Hingakawa Women's Coffee Cold Brew, was produced using a proprietary Snapchill™ brew method. This technology allows our coffees to be experienced as intended, not only by preserving the aroma and flavors of origin, but enhancing them in every sip! Just as you would brew your regular tasty cup of hot coffee, this technology uses the power of simple science to chill everything you pour in seconds before canning. Our cold brew can be safely stored at room temperature, then refrigerated even after opening the can. 

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