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Introducing our Ethiopia Testi Gigesa Single Origin Coffee

Posted by Stori Coffee on
Introducing our Ethiopia Testi Gigesa Single Origin Coffee

We’re excited to launch this new coffee out of Ethiopia! Finding incredible coffee is a combination of luck and fostered relationships. We found this gem from a relationship that was spurred through our traceability work in Ethiopia, specifically within the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) 12 years ago. And with the near perfect climate conditions, meticulous processing and the perseverance of history in coffee, an exceptional coffee has crossed our paths again. This is why we love sharing these rare moments of connection with you!

Who grew this coffee?

The Gigesa Washing Station was established in 2014 by Faysel Adham Yonis, an Ethiopian entrepreneur and coffee professional who understands the value of what it takes to carefully process and preserve the unique flavors and aromas of Ethiopian coffees. Gigesa Washing Station is located in the Danbi Uddo kebele—or town—in the Shakiso district of Guji Zone in the Oromia region.

There are 850 member producers, owning farms 2-5 hectares in size at elevations between 1800 and 1950 meters above sea level, who contribute cherries to Gigesa. The mill produces washed and natural coffees. Natural coffees are dried for 15-18 days on raised beds where they are turned regularly to expose the sun equally to all sides.

There are two lagoons and areas planted with Vetiver grass to treat wastewater from washed coffees. For both processes, cherries are hand sorted for ripeness and passed through in a floatation tank to ensure uniformity and quality.
The land around Gigesa ranges from hilly to mountainous to flat - a terroir as diverse as its coffee!  Gigesa washing station prides itself as the first mill in the Testi community within the Guji region and it processes both washed and natural specialty coffee. 

About this coffee

Whether you are a foodie or not, this coffee is for you! Why? Well, it’s because the foodies will enjoy the incredible nuances of how much discovery there is in pairing this coffee, and all it has to offer, while if you are not a foodie, this coffee will bring a newfound appreciation and understanding to the world of Coffee X Food pairings.

We decided to bring this natural (sun-dried) coffee to a medium roast, to fully express its sun-kissed notes of dried raspberry, rose hips, and baking chocolate. As it cools, the cup evolves into soaked cherry notes, tropical fruit, and milk chocolate with a wine-like peppery finish. Supplies are limited, so be sure to order soon.

How should I brew this coffee?

When it comes to brewing your coffee at home, there are a number of ways you may choose to brew your coffee. These are often dependent on the tools available to you and your personal preference.

Regardless of the choice of brewing equipment you may have, there are four key fundamental elements that ultimately impact flavor. These four elements are freshness, grind, proportions, and water. Adjusting each of these can assist in extracting your optimum flavor, time and time again. You can read more about how to optimally brew your coffee here

How to pair this coffee

If you’ve never paired your coffee before, you’re missing out on a treat! Being intentional about the food you eat with your coffee can open up a whole new world of flavors. You can learn more about why pairing is important here.

We’d suggest pairing with:

  • Creamy avocado toast
  • Earl Grey scone with blackcurrant jam
  • Jalapeno cheddar scone

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