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Stori Coffee

Rwanda Umugani Espresso Roast Whole Bean


Our Umugani Blend is our take on a classic espresso that is smooth, well rounded, and velvety. The Hingakawa Women push the boundaries of innovation every season and we're excited for you to experience their craftsmanship in our Umugani Espresso Roast. We blended the Hingakawa washed and natural process coffee to bring out the best of both worlds. As you sip this coffee you’ll notice notes of dark cherry and chocolate, with a velvety texture to the finish. The Umugani Blend comes from the Western Province, Gakenke District, Rushashi Sector at 1°43'40.2""S, 29°51'24.0""E at elevation 1700-1900. These Bourbon, Arabica varietals are grown in volcanic soil.

Consider pairing this coffee with one of the following to enhance its flavors:

  • Chocolate covered raisins or cherries
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Cranberry Goat cheese

What does Umugani mean? 

Umugani is a Rwandan term (in Kinyarwanda) which we used when we were sitting around the fire with our elders, we’d tell our children, “come listen to a story from an elder.” This was such a special time for me growing up, it essentially means story time. Our Umugani Espresso roast pays homage to the tradition of story time, and we hope it inspires you to do the same.