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Stori Coffee

Kinship Classic Espresso Roast, Whole Bean Coffee


Roasted to a velvety finish, this classic bold taste of dark cherry and chocolate gives you an intensely sweet and vibrant fruit flavor mixed with a rich chocolate. Perfectly diverse for a bold and rich Americano or your favorite milk-based espresso beverage.

Enjoy this coffee in the morning or afternoon with your favorite milk or sweetener or just black.

”Let us strive to be fully human and there will be no longer a place for evil.”

True humanity is expressed in our connections.

Kinship is a bond by nature, affinities, or origins. These connections are developed through “sharing stories with like-minded souls.”

This classic espresso is for making the time to seek out commonalities and emotional connections. Stories of triumph or tragedy help us to share others joy or pain, and that kinship can change lives.

Tasting Notes | Velvety

  • Dark Cherry
  • Chocolate

Consider pairing this coffee with:

  • Chocolate-Covered Raisins or Cherries
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Cranberry Goat Cheese


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Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.