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Verify Our Colombia Jorge Enrique Becerra Becerra Single Origin Coffee

Posted by Stori Coffee on
Verify Our Colombia Jorge Enrique Becerra Becerra Single Origin Coffee

Meet the Producer 

Jorge Becerra Becerra is a third-generation coffee producer, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He grows this coffee on his 10-hectare farm, La Esperanza, Colombia.

01. From the Farmer - Thumbprint


Jorge Becerra Becerra grew this coffee on his 10-hectare farm, La Esperanza, Colombia. 

  • GPS Coordinates: 10°59'02.4"N 74°02'47.8"W
  • Region: Santa Marta Municipality, Magdalena Department, Colombia
  • Altitude: 1337 MASL
  • Soil: Clay Loam
  • Varietal: Castillo, Typica

To the producer


Jorge Becerra Becerra, also oversaw how his coffee was processed.

  • Harvest Season: December 2020
  • Process: Washed
  • Drying: Mechanical Drying

To the market


Because this is a Farm Gate coffee, it went straight from the producer directly to the exporter.

We're excited about this coffee because it does not represent the majority of coffee value chains. It's important that we highlight that this is a Farm Gate Coffee, which is the most direct form of traceability. Few farmers have taken the road less traveled and been very particular about the purity of the coffee grown and processed on their farms, thereafter trading it directly to roasters who care as much about consistency in flavors.

Stori Coffee is the market, we cupped it, evaluated it, approved to purchase it. Then worked with an exporter to get our coffee to the USA.

To the exporter


Azahar Coffee, the sourcing company and exporter of Jorge’s coffee, originally began as a specialty roaster and coffee boutique in Bogotá serving Colombia’s top-quality micro-lots to a developing local consumer base. In time, Azahar began making international connections to their farmer contacts and exporting green coffee, with top traceability and ambitious price transparency, to select buyers in a few northern markets. The business has evolved to what is now a very sophisticated exporting model. Azahar partners with local grower organizations like Red Ecolsierra to identify coffees and producers of the highest potential, pull these aside from the usual export stream and market them directly to buyers internationally on a quality-based pricing scale. The net effect of the intervention is often significantly more money than a farm could receive without the added exposure and marketing. Through Azahar, countless farms and communities are being uncovered and sold globally with traceability not experienced before.

  • Exporter: Azahar

To the Importer


When we discovered this gem, we quickly contacted Richard Sandlin, head coffee buyer at Royal Coffee Importers. Richard and his team are meticulous about quality coffees and have a mutual unmatched passion in finding producers like Jorge. Royal Coffee Importers are a specialty green coffee importer that were founded in 1978 by Bob Fulmer. Ever since then, they have been finding and sourcing the finest coffees in over 30 countries while building a vast network of producer relationships we can verify.

The average Farm Gate price farmers receive from Azahar sales is 25-50% above Colombia’s federal price. This particular lot was purchased at a Farm Gate price of COP 1,700,000 per carga (125kg of parchment coffee), or $2.42 per pound for milled green coffee.

To the roaster


The science and art of roasting is a poetic process that is put to the test every harvest season and with every coffee. Coffee may be grown the same year over year, but the variable of weather, inputs and the farmer’s sweat equity is never the same. At Stori, we roast our coffee in sync with the farmer’s labor of love. Our hope is to reveal that story with you through the coffee.

  • Roaster: Stori Coffee, Pasadena CA
  • Roast Profile: Medium 

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